Real. Life.


Do you know who you are?

Are you living life on mission...your one-of-a-kind mission, filled with passion, purpose and intentionality?

Would you truthfully describe yourself as content?


Do you prioritize self-care and practice it regularly without feeling guilty?

Are you being real with yourself and your inner circle on the regular?

Four years ago, I wouldn't have been able to answer any of those questions with a "yes." But after a year-long experiment to find greater life purpose, getting reacquainted with God, some much needed overdue therapy, and an introduction to the enneagram, I can enthusiastically share with you that I finally made it to that "sweet spot" where I'm living the life in which I was created.


Unfake is my blog-baby.  Maybe that's a bit too sentimental for you, but it's true.  It started out as a way to remain accountable to myself for the goals I set (want to start at the beginning? click here).  Over the last several years it has grown into a way for me to continually motivate myself and others to step outside of our comfort zones and live a life of freedom.   It centers around all things real. Real identity. Real relationships. Real fun. Real questions. Real struggle. Real hope. And sometimes…real random.


It’s only because I have been redeemed & chosen by my Creator that I can live in freedom and finally say "yes" to stepping outside of my comfort-zone.  I'll meet you there. 


About Melissa Bazzell:

After years of trying to impress it only lead to stress and depress--ion (go with it, I'm trying to rhyme). After many epic Pinterest fails, acrylic nails, and unfulfilled marriage fairytales, this girl has had's time to get real. 


Some facts about me:

  • Wife to OCD Bow Fisherman + Electrician Extraordinaire and Mother to Offspring #1-#3

  • Enneagram coach

  • Nonprofit promoter

  • Lifelong explorer

  • Lover of all things coffee & bacon

  • Master of bedtime bribes

  • ADHD hobbyist (including, but not limited to: hand lettering, kayaking, reading, hiking, baking, crocheting, and repurposing home decor)

  • Underdog advocate

  • Barre enthusiast

  • Follower of Christ  


Melissa Bazzell

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